Iconic images and infrared photography

Album Art and Rock Posters

Growing up in the '70's and '80's, these edgy and colorful images were all around.  I spent many hours staring at album cover art as I listened to the bands.  When they came to town, the same art would be on the posters stuck to walls and telephone poles and the bootleg t-shirts we bought at stadium concerts. As time has gone on, album cover art has given way to an explosion of street art by great artists such as Banksy and KAWS and the realm called "digital."   All of these  (and Andy Warhol) have influenced my art.  I create wall art - large images.  My desire to create art is driven by my fascination with the power of images and the effect they have on us humans.  Most of the original images below are mine.  In my 40 years of photography, I have progressed through traditional, high dynamic range and infrared photography.  Each of these is represented below, as well as digital manipulation at the back end.  Please take your time and have a look.